FLOSHIN White Paper


A Multi-Token Protocol on Binance Smart Chain

Feb. 2022

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The cryptocurrency industry works on a simple premise: people should fully control their finances. While it seems like an obvious statement, the current systems are far from providing financial services that are truly under the control of the users. Cryptocurrency and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) represent a new way forward in the world of financial technology. A new start with a new system, circumventing the difficulties of changing the existing finance industry. While cryptocurrency has attracted billions in investments, decentralised financial services are still in their infancy and do not yet cover the range of services offered by their real-world counterparts.

For this reason, investors have minimal options for generating returns on their cryptocurrency assets. While demand for short-term and long-term peer-to-peer lending and asset tokenization is apparent, the potential upside for providing comprehensive services to cryptocurrency users analogous to legacy financial products is enormous.

In this paper, we present the steps through which Floshin will provide a complete set of decentralised applications to increase profitability, safeguard security, and provide cryptocurrency users with the ability to interact with various real-life use cases, much like fiat currency. Furthermore, the trust we gain by creating a community around our standard application suite will be the capital we bring to the table as we work to create a much more advanced and valuable DeFi ecosystem than any before. For these reasons, we believe Floshin to be the ideal DeFi hub for the blockchain ecosystem.


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Cryptocurrencies have the potential to upgrade the effectiveness of money worldwide. A person or contract can send cryptocurrencies nearly instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world. Cryptocurrencies cannot be diluted or devalued by irresponsible governments. They can be programmed to operate inside financial contracts that rely on code instead of law, allowing networks to enforce decisions with trustless consensus mechanisms. Each of these developments independently is a significant improvement over fiat money, and together, they represent a sea change in the nature of money itself. As a result, cryptocurrencies have recently been top-of-mind for consumers, investors, and regulators worldwide.

In addition to the technicalities of market regulation that are on track to being solved, cryptocurrencies are new assets currently in price discovery. New markets often see extreme volatility, and the cryptocurrency market is no different. Their volatility discourages merchants and consumers from using them as a medium of exchange or store of value. No one wants to spend a currency that may be worth twice as much in a month, and nobody wants to store their retirement savings in a currency that may be worth nothing in a year.

Volatility also prevents them from serving as a standard of deferred payment. Anyone who negotiates rent, wages, or loans in a fiat currency relies on the stability of the payment asset to manage capital flows and run their business. Relying on a volatile currency introduces unnecessary risks to the business environment.


The Opportunity of DeFi

Releasing a fully functional decentralised financial service protocol will be similar to releasing smartphones for the first time. Holding a smartphone, you could tell that development was early and that engineers would improve the initial design over time. However, no one predicted that the next few years would produce massive networks of drivers roving around picking up strangers and taking them wherever they wanted to go. At the time, Uber was not the “app” foremost in the mind of consumers.

What did you think of when someone said “app” in 2007?

A messenger? An encyclopaedia? None of us could foresee the direction that the mobile revolution was about to take. There is a similar trend towards rapid development and adoption occurring today with cryptocurrencies. While several critical blockchain apps have already been deployed, it is also clear that many more applications will continue to surprise us with their innovation and utility. Money is the essential platform for commerce, and cryptocurrency is poised to be the most functional and least restrictive form of money humans have ever invented.

2.1 Simplifying DeFi

We have already witnessed the enthusiastic adoption of DeFi protocols as a means of exchange in the world of cryptocurrency. What is needed is a hub where you can access high-value data, analysis, and insight tools to help you learn whatever you need to make sound investment decisions. Imagine accessing a wealth of knowledge that protects and informs you regarding hazardous decisions. Imagine having all your trades executed on the same platform regardless of the blockchain. Access to new projects, wallet applications, staking incentives and farming yield, all on one platform!

This future is Floshin.

Floshin will do for DeFi what the iPhone did for the smartphone sector. Floshin’s dedication to the DeFi community is evident in the initial set of trading tools. Floshin’s commitment to improving DeFi is growing by the day. From a basic trading tool to a fully-fledged financial asset management suite, Floshin is taking the next step in its journey. We will become the hub for DeFi across networks and redefine the trading experience while we do it.

Fundamentally speaking, a DeFi Swiss army knife is needed. Cryptocurrencies are a requirement for any significant distributed app economy to develop. While jumping around from protocol to protocol may sound appealing, it is simply too much for users in practice. Fixing problems like these - with a simple but profound impact on user experience - is an excellent example of how even a use case with low transaction throughput can make an excellent dApp.

In the early days of the Internet, dial-up modem speeds restricted app growth and development. Then came faster connections, allowing for higher throughput and more functionality. In the long run, distributed apps will range from digital asset ownership to the settlement of multi-billion-dollar tokenized financial products. dApps will form the backbone of a new system of borderless financial products, with Floshin setting the standard.

However, before dApps reach any notable level of adoption, the cryptocurrency industry will have to be the initial adopter of its financial technology. The primary use case for Ethereum so far has been payments and crowdfunding. However, businesses are now starting to adopt Bitcoin and Ethereum as options at PoS. This activity has happened despite the volatility and the inconveniences that come with it. As a result, a DeFi protocol with the same security and value properties of Bitcoin and Ethereum but with a reliably stable market value stands to become an essential part of the financial technology ecosystem.

2.2 Supporting Cross-Chain Liquidity

What if there was interoperability between independent blockchains? When Satoshi crafted the first blockchain, the conventional wisdom was that blockchain technology represented a “one size fits all” solution. Store of value, low-cost transactions, smart contracts, and more. Today it is clear there is no universal application for any particular blockchain technology. Scalability limits innovation.

While many of us are fortunate to have enjoyed wealth-creating opportunities through access to DeFi, many others have not been as lucky. For many, the reality is that even after engaging in the extensive asset research process and understanding a wealth-creating opportunity, they cannot execute the operation and profit due to a lack of the proper financial tools. For this reason, equal, transparent and seamless access to decentralised protocols is essential to correcting financial inequalities worldwide.

2.3 The Nature of the Opportunity

In summary, equal, seamless access to programmable financial tools is a desirable outcome for those that wish to see a more equitable arrangement than today’s traditional financial system. As a result, demand is high for a complete application suite with comprehensive functionality and easy access to all the networks that power the valuable DeFi ecosystem.

Developing across these networks creates opportunities through network effect, bringing the collective user bases together and giving the entire community opportunity for governance, say in marketing and the direction of finished products.


The Challenge in Traditional Finance

Financial players feel constant pressure from governments, tech giants, shareholders and individuals. Achieving stability without compromising profitability and liquidity is very difficult. DeFi aims to offer financial services to everyone with access to a smartphone and an internet connection. Simple as that, although it is easier said than done.

3.1 User Experience Issues with DeFi

Blockchain technology shows us a better way—a system where decision making is not centralised in a company but delegated through governance to reflect the desires of users and stakeholders. DeFi has opened wide the doors of technical improvement, but above all, functional improvement in finance. However, so far, there is no real-life application where users can stop manually managing their digital assets—a front end for the DeFi experience as a whole.

3.2 A Simpler DeFi Experience

The Floshin system allows users to trade between digital assets, participate in the NFT space and earn interest on their stable coins. In addition, Floshin allows users to participate in a governance system, conduct borrowing/lending, and allow users to control their assets fully. Floshin is a protocol built for the user. A spectrum of services in the mould of traditional financial products, decentralised.


Overview of the Floshin Protocol

Over the following sections, we will familiarise you with the basic functionality of the Floshin ecosystem, then explain each component in greater detail. But, first, we will start with a simple explanation of Floshin functionality.

4.1 Basic Attributes

The creation of Floshin began as a dream to give people seamless access to decentralised financial services. Floshin is a BEP20 token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. The hyper- deflationary algorithm in its smart contract reduces the circulating supply, rewards the holders, and increases the liquidity pool’s share on every transaction. HashEx has audited the Floshin smart contracts.

We conducted extensive research analysis on the performance of tokens and coins launched since 2018. From this research, we learned that one token would not be sufficient to achieve our goal of allowing cryptocurrency use in real-life scenarios similar to fiat currency.

Floshin acts as a parent for its multiple tokens. Each child token is independent and has its own functionality and utility. Part of the revenue that each child token generates through its product is used to buy-back and burn the Floshin token and bring other benefits to the Floshin community.

4.2 Tokenomics

Tokenomics is the study of the rules by which tokens operate and how this affects their economic development. Tokenomics includes the tokens qualities, distribution, functionality, taxes and fee structure. It can also cover management aspects and sometimes the removal of tokens from the network. A healthy ecosystem requires a fair distribution of tokens. We believe our token management system is a fair distribution system that best supports our users and protocol.

We believe our management of the token distribution will keep our supporters motivated, and committed to the FLOSHIN ecosystem. A sensible 8% transaction charge is the perfect amount of fuel for our continuous growth.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 Floshin

Rewards distributed to holders: 3% (In BUSD)
Added to Liquidity Pool: 3%
Marketing & Development: 2%

Transaction Charges: 8%

**min. $50 of FLOSHIN is required to receive rewards


The Floshin Solution

We created the Floshin token for investors looking to make their cryptocurrencies work for them and assist them in ensuring a return on investment in any market. Floshin is dedicated to providing a complete set of decentralised tools to increase profitability, safeguard security, and provide cryptocurrency investors with the ability to interact with various real-life use cases, much like fiat currency. Furthermore, to be competitive in the current DeFi market, we need to cover the most popular ideas in the DeFi space. While this work is in progress, we have developed an ambitious roadmap laying out the next development steps.

The Floshin DeFi Swiss Knife
Our initial application suite will naturally feed into the end goal of creating a full set of tools to allow equal access to financial opportunities.

1. Coinage Finance
2. NFT Marketplace
3. Stable Coin
4. Debit Card
5. Launchpad
6. Escrow Platform
7. DExTF


Coinage Finance
(DEX, Cross-Chain, Trading Tool)

Decentralised Exchanges (DEX) aim to solve the problems endemic to centralised exchanges. They create peer-to-peer markets on the blockchain, allowing users to trade and independently store funds. Too often, we hear about users switching between blockchains or protocols and swapping this for that, wasting valuable time and gas fees.

Coinage Finance is an easy to use DEX with yield farming and cross-chain routing. Coinage DEX is a simple and easy use to Automated Market Maker(AMM), adding intrinsic value to the vision of cryptocurrency. Coinage pools Cross-Chain liquidity from 7+ blockchains with the best pricing, staking, and DeFi protocols available. 

We built a Coinage Trading Tool to add any new exchange within a few hours. The broad interconnectivity with all the exchanges on all the chains gives investors a wide range of options and saves time switching from one app to the other. If you’re a DeFi user, you want to anticipate the market's movements and develop better trading strategies. Not waste time considering whether an opportunity can happen due to routing issues. Coinage’s Trading Tools help you in a straightforward way.

Market Sentiments
Real-Time Charts
Pair Explorer
CoinMarketCap Instant Display
Limit and Stop Loss Orders
Real-Time News Fetch
Wallet Info
and More!

It also gives the user the best price on any asset by sorting out the Liquidity Pool and best gas fees. Users are in complete control of their trading activity, just like they would be at any sizable centralised exchange. Real-time news feeds are integrated to deliver cryptocurrency news, new token information, and immediate access to learning about new projects, allowing users to make informed investment decisions. 

Intelligent features such as Market and Project Sentiments Analysis report is generated with the help of Machine Learning. In this feature, data is extracted from social media, news feed and various other sources and then words from the sentences are processed for “polarity detection” and classifying them into Positive, Negative and Neutral. This will help investors to learn, understand and measure the performance of their favourite crypto projects.


Floshin NFT Marketplace

NFTs are changing the way we look at digital assets. Users shop for unique creations on dedicated marketplaces. NFT marketplaces allow digital collectors to buy, sell, and create tokens that represent something unique. NFT markets are an undeniable force in the markets.

Though the industry is new, its use cases are being tested in multiple sectors, and most are emerging successful. Predominantly what started as art dealing territory became an attraction for gaming companies, musicians and memorabilia companies. The beauty of this sector is the ability to be inclusive and capable of changing industry norms.

At Floshin, we have 10,000+ Collections with over 200 Artists ready to be featured on our NFT marketplace. We believe NFTs are the present and has a promising future. That is why we are investing in our own NFT Marketplace. Our earnings from the sale of our first collection will be used to buy back and burn Floshin token.


Floshin USD Stable Coin

Stable coins attempt to bridge the gap between fiat and cryptocurrencies. They have recently gained traction because they offer the best of both worlds. Unlike other crypto assets, stable coins are typically pegged to an underlying asset to limit price fluctuations. This intrinsic stability has made them a popular choice for buying cryptocurrencies.

Compared with wire transfers, stable coins can settle transactions far more quickly. That makes them suitable for the cryptocurrency industry. Stable coins have found uses in DeFi, where they can earn income for users in various ways, including being lent out, providing liquidity, and more. Off-chain, stable coins are being used where cross-border transfers are limited to the dollar. Floshin’s solution will be a non-collateralized stable coin algorithmically pegged to USD in response to market volatility.

Our smart contract provides a fast and responsive global currency, able to retain value through various market conditions. Other stable coins can’t compete with our commission fee of 0.3%, making it an ideal option for businesses.


Floshin Debit Card

If you invest in cryptocurrencies, you might want to spend some of your holdings. Cryptocurrency debit cards are among the most exciting collaborations between traditional finance and DeFi. These debit cards are a tool that offers easier access for consumers to use their holdings with merchants. When you make a purchase with a cryptocurrency debit card, the merchant receives a fiat payment funded by your cryptocurrency wallet.

The cryptocurrency you can use to fund your cryptocurrency debit card depends on your provider. After the release of Stable Coin, we will nominate a legal entity that will partner with MasterCard issuer and launch a debit card under the Floshin brand. Investors can do many things with cryptocurrency debit cards. Some benefits of the cards include:

Earning Rewards
Reduced/Waived Foreign Fees
ATM Fees Waived
Multi-Currency Spending

Cryptocurrencies have been around for a little over 10-years. Today you can connect crypto to debit cards. Imagine where DeFi takes us in another 10-years.


Escrow P2P Platform

Escrow is a legal concept describing a financial instrument whereby a third party holds an asset or currency on behalf of two other parties that are in the process of completing a transaction. Escrow accounts have fees managed by agents who hold the funds or assets until receiving appropriate instructions or fulfilling predetermined contractual obligations.

Escrow contracts add an extra layer of protection for buyers and sellers in markets. It gives both parties the time to inspect, review, and disclose any information. It forces trust, efficiency, and security. Our smart contract plays the role of an escrow account, holding any payment until both parties agree. This system enables secure trade with strangers.

At Floshin, we have a Jury system in place in case of a dispute. Dispute Resolution fees are a non-refundable 10% of the transaction value. In addition, 5% is paid to the Jurors, and 5% is used to buy back Floshin and burn/add to the LP. After reaching an agreement, the escrow contract releases the digital assets to the buyer and seller. The losing party pays the cost of Dispute Resolution Fee. If an agreement is not reached, funds are sent back to their respective parties. Trust, transparency and efficiency are some of the benefits Floshin’s Escrow offers.

All the Jurors will be Floshin holders who will stake minimum $500 in Floshin while participating in Dispute Resolution and earn from the fees. A minimum of 12 and up to 48 jurors will be able to participate. More jurors can join depending on the total value of the dispute in question. 

Benefits of Escrow:
Trade with anyone in a secure way
Trade peer to peer without an intermediary.

For example, You can buy BTC from any individual and send them USDT. Escrow smart contract will check if both parties have funds and then process the transfer. Merchants worldwide can trade securely and save capital on their exchanges. Fees on PayPal are 3%+ for businesses, while sellers on Amazon pay an average 20% commission. Unfortunately, Shopify and the other apps utilise a similarly exploitative business model.


Decentralised Exchange Traded Fund (DExTF)

Various platforms provide the infrastructure enabling traders to establish, view, and display trading performance. However, there is no transparency when investors are buying or selling. As a result, bad actors fill and shill their bags to followers, putting them in challenging financial positions. If they aren’t held accountable, followers should at least have the resources to track these portfolios.

Imagine being able build a portfolio with multiple assets and trade in all of them in just one transaction - DExTF is just that.

Today investors turn to their peers and online communities to share ideas and grow their capital, and often investors lose money when being introduced to new projects. Diversification is critical in investing. However, not everyone has the portfolio that will allow it.

Along with a lack of financial tools, social media and online communities impact the performance of cryptocurrency projects. DExTF provides the resources needed for investors to have the edge of factual information in a largely hype-driven sector. Investors can group assets into baskets, invest collectively, and verify.

DExTF is built on the similar model as the Exchange Traded Fund(ETF).



Early supporters of successful projects benefit the most. They stick with a project from the bottom and deserve to enjoy the rewards. A launchpad is the best way to find a project in its early stage. The number of cryptocurrency projects continues to rise every day. However, with more projects comes more rug pulls and scams. A trusted launchpad fixes this.

Launchpads allow projects to raise capital while giving their most supportive investors early access to token sales. Getting early access can provide bargain prices and substantial profit opportunities. Launching a project through a launchpad offers both the project and investors security. Launchpads typically utilise a rigorous vetting system known as KYC (Know Your Customer).

Floshin’s Launchpad allows investors to vote for projects and stake Floshin to get priority access in the presale. Our Launchpad offers security for both investors and projects with our bank-grade KYC, Proof of Residence Verification and Anti-Money Laundering verification systems. Any fraud from projects will be reported to the relevant authorities in their home countries. 50% of fees generated from revenue will be used to buy back and burn Floshin, and the other 50% will be added to the liquidity pool programmatically through our smart contract.



The Floshin team, consisting of professionals from various academic disciplines, has worked diligently to understand the technical limitations that decentralised finance faces and the psychological barriers to DeFi adoption. As a result, Floshin created a roadmap that leads to sustainability, interoperability, and enhanced economic throughput. Furthermore, Floshin intends to prove it will develop a scalable and decentralised application suite with functionality that will bypass current limitations.

We will set the standard for trust and integrity across the community. We will become the hub for DeFi and the entirety of your trading experience.

Please Email any questions or Join our Discord community to stay updated on our progress and join the community.