Floshin Superapp White Paper


A Multiple Decentralised Applications Project

June 2023



Blockchain technology is rapidly maturing, and the opportunity for companies to leverage it for their business models is significant. But now that everyone is getting comfortable with blockchain platforms, what’s next? Companies should look to standardise the technology, talent, and platforms that will drive future initiatives and, after that, look to coordinate and integrate multiple blockchains working together across a value chain.

In this paper, we will explain our products which are much needed in the crypto space to bring discipline and unchain the real potential of blockchain technology. We'll discuss why a decentralised system is a superior system at a higher level when compared to a centralised system.

Blockchain is an anti-fraud technology by design. A less common but very important application of blockchain is keeping track of ownership and provenance, or where a product or asset came from or where it’s been. We will talk about how easily people scam in crypto and the tools government agencies and large institutions use to investigate a crypto scam. Our investigation tool is accessible to everyone, enabling them to investigate bad actors and potentially prevent their actions.

You will discover our extensive selection of products that aim to enhance the practicality of blockchain technology in our daily lives.



This FLOSHIN Whitepaper is for information purposes only. Floshin Team does not guarantee the accuracy or the conclusions reached in this whitepaper, and this whitepaper is provided “as is”. Floshin Team does not make and expressly disclaims all representations and warranties, express, whether explicit, implied, statutory or otherwise, whatsoever, including, but not limited to:
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Prospective purchasers of FloshinX Token accept all the risks involved and are responsible for ensuring they maintain the compliance with all relevant Legislation in their own Jurisdictions. The distribution of this document and purchase of FloshinX Token maybe restricted by Law in certain Jurisdictions.

Readers of this document and purchasers of FloshinX Token should ensure they are informed of any relevant Legislation and should comply with it. It is the Sole responsibility of the Reader/Buyer to ensure that participant in the Token sale is permitted Under Applicable Law in their Country of Residence or Domicile.


What is Floshin Superapp?

Since our successful launch in November 2021 - At Floshin, we have been tirelessly developing cutting-edge dApps. Our platform is like a versatile Swiss army knife, complete with an impressive array of specialised tools that effectively serve their intended purpose.

Our platform offers a wide range of commonly used dApps, including a decentralised exchange, a startup launchpad, a portfolio rebalancer, decentralised domains, encrypted messaging, and an escrow payment merchant.

The Floshin Superapp unequivocally provides a platform to users with modular mini-apps that indisputably elevate their browsing and app experience. In this ecosystem, users can conveniently access a diverse range of tools.

Floshin is enriched by both internal development teams and external partners who create and deploy modular micro-apps. Users have full control over their superapp experience. They are empowered to choose the mini-apps that best suit their preferences and needs within the superapp.

In the realm of social media, customer engagement reigns supreme when it comes to generating revenue. Likewise, to claim the title of top superapp, the ultimate goal is to captivate users and sustain their attention by providing a comprehensive platform for various services. It is this convenience factor that sets Floshin Superapp apart as the preferred choice for users, akin to a supermarket, fostering heightened user loyalty.


What is FloshinX?

The FloshinX token is an ERC20 token that functions on the Ethereum network. Unlike other tokens, it has no ownership and aligns with the core values of Bitcoin.

The goal of this token is to enhance accessibility to decentralised financial services within the Floshin Superapp ecosystem, providing users with a seamless and stress-free experience.

Investors will have the opportunity to gain true-profits from our dApps by holding FloshinX tokens.

Token Specification:
Name: FloshinX
Symbol: FLO
Total Fixed Supply: 100,000,000
Tax: 0%
Network: Ethereum
Contract Address: 0xFd28F089BE1D4c9046E0D6f8d208696Da98b53A2

Contract Audit by 0xGuard




Coinage is the ultimate decentralised application with a wide range of premium features. This includes a top-of-the-line crypto liquidity aggregator, real-time global stock market quotes, a market cap comparison tool, market sentiment analysis, and exciting trading competitions.

Our cutting-edge platform boasts unparalleled multi-chain support, expertly catering to the needs of savvy investors and traders who demand nothing but the latest and greatest in technology.


“Up to 90% of traders are estimated to experience market losses.”

One of the primary reasons why traders tend to lose money is due to their insufficient knowledge and education in trading. Many are drawn to trading in the hope of making quick profits without investing enough time and effort.

Trading is a highly demanding and professional activity that requires an equal amount of dedication and focus as any other lucrative venture.


“Enhance Your Trading Skills and Compete Effectively.”

Improve your trading skills by exploring a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies and accessing the global stock market through a complimentary virtual fund of $100,000. This presents a unique opportunity to enhance your knowledge without any financial investment.

Humans like a challenge! When you are ready to accept the challenge, participate in a contest, show your trading skills, and win a prize.

Revenue Model
1. Transaction fees
2. Fiat-crypto-fiat fees
3. Contest participation fees
4. Contest Sponsorship fees
5. Premium Advertisement fees



Coinception offers a complete GraphQL API solution allowing you to query blockchain data easily. From smart contracts and transactions to addresses, DEX trades, and DApps, our GraphQL APIs support all the necessary data types to query various Blockchain. You can construct your dApp by quickly building or acquiring the appropriate tools in our GraphQL Playground.


“Developing a dAPP is more complex compared to traditional centralised applications.”

Despite the hype surrounding blockchain technology, its potential applications have yet to be fully explored and discussed. The primary factor contributing to the limited usefulness is the intricacy of the development process and the associated expenses.


“Gain instant and cost-effective access to blockchain data APIs.”

By providing immediate access to GraphQL APIs, businesses and developers are able to experiment more quickly and create more innovative dApps.
Developers don't have to break the bank on expensive infrastructure or sign up for pricey API services that only provide limited data access.

Revenue Model
1. Developers API Subscription Fees
2. Transaction Investigation Fee



WhaleTank launchpad enables businesses with a growth mindset to effortlessly raise funds and foster a community of loyal supporters throughout their journey.


“The fees charged can be quite high. Limited fundraising options.”

Launchpads, whether decentralised or centralised, consistently impose fees that typically range from 5% to 9%.
There are only a few choices available to raise multiple rounds, and there is no assistance provided in establishing a legal entity or executing a roadshow campaign.


“Options for multiple fundraising rounds, private deals, and dedicated support to ensure your success.”

Businesses can start their fundraising campaign without any upfront fee. Progress can be tracked by investors, which could assist in promoting your brand through their networks.

Gauging the response of your product or idea by accessing our community can be a highly effective tactic. If investors show keen interest, it is a clear sign that your concept holds great potential for success in the market.

Revenue Model
1. On-Success Fundraising fees
2. Contracts Creation fees
3. Sponsored Campaign fees
4. Premium Support fees



SecurePod comprises three key components that are essential - 
1. Encrypted Chat 
2. Escrow P2P Trading 
3. Escrow Payment Merchant 


“The inherent weaknesses of the trust-based model.”

Electronic payments in online commerce significantly depend on financial institutions as reliable intermediaries. Mediation costs can be substantially impacted by mediation costs, reducing the minimum feasible transaction amount. This, in turn, can curtail the possibilities for small, informal transactions. Furthermore, the inability to make non-reversible payments for non-reversible services represents a broader cost.


“A tool which is secure and will require no trust, no mediation and no limitations.”

SecurePod offers a highly secure and affordable solution for trading with anyone. A perfect mechanism that automatically executes transactions based on predetermined conditions.

Revenue Model
1. Trade Conditions Contract Creation fees
2. Community Members Mediation fees
3. Payment Merchant Transaction fees


Mobile App

Users can save time and resources by having all their necessary tools in one place, eliminating the need to maintain multiple apps. Users want the most straightforward and intuitive experience on their mobile devices. By having everything in one place, users are more likely to spend more time on the app, increasing their engagement and likelihood to return.


“Users have to install and monitor multiple apps for various services.”

Due to the nature of mobile apps, users are required to create multiple accounts and access multiple apps in order to get work done. This can be a tedious, time consuming process.


“A Superapp will have everything needed for trading and financial needs combined into one.”

A Gartner report expects that over 50% of the global population will use multiple superapps by 2027. A Superapp is more than just a convenient mobile app. It's about building a better relationship with customers. It's about making it easier to do business with you. It gives the power to convert customers, grow revenue and save time.

Revenue Model
1. Multiple Subscription Plans Fees
2. Trading fees
3. Sponsored Ads


Our Product Development Cycle

Our product development cycle is a set of phases that a product evolves through from inception to market delivery. The stages in this cycle include concept development, engineering and prototyping, production, marketing and distribution.

Product development is an ongoing process that is constantly evolving as new ideas and technologies emerge. The introduction of a new product means there is room for improvement in existing products, as well as crafting new products based on market research and customer feedback.

Stages of Product Development
a) Idea and Validation
b) Planning Development (prototyping and testing)
c) Launch
d) Continuous improvement

We have been asking for feedback and suggestions in the Floshin Community for some time now. We are happy to say we have seen great results. Your feedback is being utilised in our idea development process.



This project has no owner, majority shareholder, or legal entity, and the first team who founded Floshin is committed to building decentralised applications listed in this whitepaper.

If the Floshin community decides to recruit a CEO or some representative for public relations, then they will have full powers to do so. Any shareholder can submit a proposal for blockchain votes, where all shareholders can participate in this decision.

It is possible that we will need to form a company in the future in order to list on centralised exchanges or to partner with other service providers. We will do research on the different regulations and choose the most appropriate option for the continuous growth of this project.