From liquidity Aggregator to Startup Incubator

We are building platforms to trade assets from all the popular exchanges and get the best price. You can do P2P escrow trades or launch a project in our growing investors' community.

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Our mission is to craft products and experience of remarkable quality.


  • A cutting-edge platform for price-sensitive traders and investors.  
  • Get the data you need to make smart trading decisions in a quick, clear and simple way.
  • Use alerts to stay on top of fast changing markets, get notified when a market moves an amount, hits a price level or meets your technical conditions.
Multi-Chain Swaps & Bridge
Liquidity Aggregator
Limit/Stop Loss
Real-time Streaming
Crypto + Global Stock Market

Development Stage


  • Powerful smart contract and DeFi monitoring tool to help you understand complex transactions.
  • Simply select a smart contract or DeFi transaction, and our system will show you the high-level details via a visual dashboard.
  • Coinception is a tool that makes accessing the most popular blockchains as easy and simple as possible. It's been designed to give users an easy way to access some of the most popular blockchains via APIs.
Investigate Crypto Crime
Real-Time Streaming
Cross-Chain Transaction Tracing
Transaction Visualisation
🚀 Q1 2023
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  • With Coindrop, you can easily create, distribute and track your airdrop campaign.
  • Get more traffic on your website.
  • Grow your audience by enhancing brand awareness and engagement with your audience on social media.
Airdrop Manager
Tasks Verification
Schedule Snapshot
Restrict Regions
Region-based Allocation
Bounty & Holders Airdrop
🚀 Q1 2022
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  • WhaleTank Launchpad helps you build an army of engaged and loyal investors, always looking to support their favourite projects.
  • Test your idea in front of private investors, who are key decision makers and industry experts
  • Leverage our state-of-the-art launchpad platform and supercharge your project.
Smart Contracts Creator
Presale Manager
AML+KYC Verification
Private Deals Room
Multiple Rounds
Fundraising Support
PR Support
🚀 Q1 2023
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  • Monitor and track your investment portfolio's performance to analyse changes, find underperformance and identify areas of improvement.
  • Periodically buying or selling assets in your portfolio to regain and maintain your original, desired asset allocation level.
  • Rebalancer is a smart, automatic way to keep your portfolio on track for your goals.
Portfolio Construction
Portfolio Monitor
Smart Beta Rebalancing
Market Heat Map
Calendar Rebalancing
Volatility Analysis
🚀 Q2 2023
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  • Buy or sell anything you want online in total safety and confidence.
  • We use end-to-end encryption to make sure your message stays between you and the recipient. It gets encrypted by your device and isn't saved or transmitted on any servers.
  • Crypto payments for your business. Fast, simple and secure.
Escrow Trading
End-to-End Encryption
Wallet-to-Wallet Chat
Pseudo Anonymous Account
Crypto Merchant Account
🚀 Q2 2023
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Staking as a service

Staking is the truth of the blockchain. You can use it to prove that we have faith in the network or a project and earn a yield on your investment—the Internet bond. Our user-friendly staking platform allows you to manage your assets and check your rewards in real-time.

Audited Staking Contracts
Insurance Based Staking
Multi-Chain Support
🚀 Q2 2023
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Bank of NFT

A banknote is more than just a piece of paper. It carries the weight of your country’s culture as well as its history.

Bank of NFT (BoNFT) is a digital-currency note designer tool based on the principles and art of banknote design. Founders and Teams can design their token notes and mint NFTs.

Note Designer Tool
 NFT Contract Creator
Multiple Denomination
Asset Verification
🚀 Q2 2023
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Floshin Naming Service

  • FNS is a blockchain-based platform that provides a secure & decentralized alternative to traditional domain names.
  • You can create, mint and own your favourite Web3 TLD.
  • Receive passive income every time your TLDs are used to create a new domain.
Web3 TLD Creation Portal
Web3 Trademark Service
Passive Income
No renewals
IPFS Hosting
🚀 Q2 2023
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  • A new way to interact with the crypto and stock markets, we deliver the latest news, results and discussion across financial markets
  • Access all our services and tools that make up our decentralised ecosystem in one place
  • A place to share stock and crypto trading tips, strategies, ideas and tools.
Pseudo Anonymous Login
Community Chat
Access to all products
P2P Encrypted Chat
🚀 Q2 2023
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